We are a supplier of window and door hardware for window manufacturers and hardware distributors. We can do custom parts on volume orders.

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Casement 2 Bar Hinges
Casement hinge

Casement Locking Handles
Casement locking handle

Casement Tie Bar
Tie Bar

Door Striker Plates
Double in-swing door strike
Single in-swing door strike Stainless Steel
Single out-swing door strike Brass

Hanger Hinges
Awning hanger hinges facemount
Awning hanger hinges sidemount
Awning lever lock B

Keepers Single and Multi-Lock
Keeper 19065
Keeper Multi-lock

Operator Accessories
Operator center hook
Operator crank
Operator mounting track

Eclipse Awning
Eclipse Dual Arm
Eclipse Dyad
Operator Awning
Operator Split-arm B
Single Arm Operator

Slider Window Accessories
Slider night latch
Slider tilt latch

Slider Window Locks and Keepers
Slider lock flush back
Slider lock snap back

Slider Window Wheels
Slider wheel
Slider wheel 14mm

Tie Bar Accessories
Tiebar connector
Tiebar guide
Tie Bar roller and strike
  Product Specs

Door Strikers
Sliding Windows
Casement Windows
Operators And Accessories
Awning Operators
Casement Operators - Contour_Case
Casement Operators - Decore
Casement Operators - Face Mount
Casement Operators - Grande Case
Casement Operators - Traditional Case
Locking Handle And Keepers
PVC Windows
Tie Bars And Accessories
Tie Bar's Guides and Connectors


All Acme Window Hardware Ltd. Products undergo rigorous testing to ensure our products are the most reliable quality components. After being thoroughly tested in our own facilities, our products are then submitted to independent testing laboratories. These laboratories perform the necessary tests set down by both the American Architectural Manufacturers Association as well as CSA Canada. Acme Window Hardware Ltd. products not only meet all the requirements laid out, but in many cases far exceed the standards needed for certification. Listed below are the tests that our full line of products have passed.


Durability: each product has been put through tests of 8000 cycles to ensure the components functionality after repeated use of its full range of motion.

Corrosion: each product has been put through a 300 hour salt spray environment to ensure that the components will not be susceptible to rust or corrosion.

Paint: each product has been put through a paint adhesion test to ensure that painted surfaces will not flake, bubble or peel.


Forced Entry: each product has been put through forced entry tests to ensure that components will withstand applied intrusion force of significant magnitude.

Air Entry: each product has been put through high air pressure tests to ensure that components provide the necessary seal to prevent exterior winds from entering within.

For further information regarding the results from these certification tests please contact Acme Window Hardware Ltd.